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How to design a fitout that increases employee productivity

This is a question that is being asked more and more often, as the design and construction sector undergoes a period shifts. In an ever-changing world, architects design, space planners, and designers are being asked to design facilities that will satisfy the requirements of a variety of tenants.

In terms of office fitting-outs, no standard that will work for everyone. In this blog we’ll look at the latest trends in office fit-outs from around the globe, and what they may have to you as an designer or architect.

If you’re in search of an inspirational change to your current working environment, take a look at the images in the gallery below. These are office spaces which have been transformed to provide innovative workspaces to companies that make them an integral element of their business strategy.

Take note that these designs were designed by people from all disciplines within each team, including the end-user. To think outside the box and come up with innovative concepts, you don’t necessarily have to be a designer. Therefore, get to know your clients and ask them what they’d like in their office. After that, collaborate to design something truly unique!

The following are some of the most popular trends in office fit-outs:

1. Flexible workspaces

Research shows that workers are spending more time away from their workplaces than they ever have and many preferring to work from home or at the local cafe. This has led to shifting away from traditional office spaces and a greater emphasis on creating workspaces that are flexible so that employees can choose where they put their desks. It could be at home, at the office, or in an open workspace.

2. Work-based activities

Activity-based work is another trend that is becoming more popular. It encourages employees to move around and work in different office spaces according to what they are doing. This helps improve communication, collaboration efficiency, creativity, and productivity.

3. Natural light and ventilation

There has been an increase in people’s awareness of the importance of fresh air and natural light in recent times. This has resulted in more open-plan offices with large windows and plenty of air circulation.

4. The most technologically-friendly areas

It is not surprising that technology has become an integral element of our lives. Companies are offering their employees various workspaces that accommodate their needs. This includes open-plan, flexible offices, quiet meeting rooms and work spaces that include everything you need from power outlets to electronic devices and free Wi WiFi.

5. There are many communal areas

Many companies now include communal areas in their office design to allow employees to concentrate on their work. It could be a kitchen and dining area, a lounge or even a games room. This could help create a an informal and friendly office atmosphere to improve communication and teamwork.

6. Focusing on improving productivity

Companies across the globe are investing in office fit-outs that will help to increase productivity and boost the satisfaction of employees. It could range from the right lighting, ergonomic furniture, or free healthy food. A majority of businesses have a fitness room inside their offices. This could include the use of a bike for exercise so that employees can stay healthy throughout the day.

7. Green office design

There is a growing number of companies that are opting for office designs that help in reducing their environmental impact which is referred to as green office design. This is a reference to energy-efficient appliances, sustainable construction materials and fixtures that use less water. Some examples are natural ventilation, passive solar heating and eco-friendly furniture.

8. Comfortable spaces for collaboration

Companies aren’t just building new work spaces, but they are also updating their workplaces with elements of design that encourage collaboration. This could be a place where employees can gather or in a space which creates a relaxing atmosphere.

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